Professional Services – Project and Programme Management

Our aim at PM Answers Ltd is to ensure our clients receive the right fit project or programme management for any given project or programme. We provide expert consultancy in professional services in many domains and in particular in broadcast, digital converged receivers, social care alarm technology and consumer electronics.

Our staff are highly educated, have been Prince 2 Practitioner accredited and have 15 plus years of full lifecycle customer delivery project management leadership and experience in a number of divergent domains.

We are able to offer a variety of consultancy services, from managing your ongoing or planned projects, to training your staff on the best approach for a given project. You may want programme management advice or fulfilment, or you may need to set up a PMO (Project Management Office), these are areas that PM Answers can engage and deliver on.

In our experience we have also found that different organisations and indeed different individuals within organisations, have varying understandings of the definitions for project management, programme management, PMO and process definition. We can help to resolve those understandings. We can advise on how project management can be approached in your organisation, taking into account the constraints your organisation needs to work within. PM Answers are able to advise on PMO functions and help in setting up a PMO for your organisation. Our consultants are also able to design a process definition that will fit your organisation or departments, making the work you undertake more efficient and profitable.

And of course, we can undertake the project and programme management of  your solutions to successful delivery.

Our consultants are also familiar with the latest development methodologies and can work within your defined processes and procedures. We will work with your development team on both product and bespoke solutions and adopt the methodology you require, whether it be Agile, Waterfall or a combination of different methodologies that has to be employed to deliver the programme.